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London, 29.05.2018
Sharp’s 70” 8K professional display, the LV-70X500E, is now available to buy. The ultra-high resolution monitor is the first 70” 8K display to be mass produced, offering cutting edge companies and innovators in Europe a new standard for image precision. The display comes with a three-year warranty from Sharp, with service support.

The high-quality 8K resolution display has 33 million pixels (7680 x 4320 pixels), four times more than 4K Ultra HD and sixteen times the resolution of Full HD. The monitor reproduces images at a higher resolution than the human eye can capture, allowing you to zoom in to details within an image to an extent not previously possible.

The LV-70X500E offers outstanding image quality and colour accuracy thanks to a wide gamut and 10-bit extended colour range. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) expands the range of both contrast and colour significantly, brightening images so that they appear to have more depth.

8K has important applications in industries that rely on detailed and colour-accurate images, including medicine, design and engineering. 8K displays are also able to replace multiple lower-resolution monitors in workplaces that handle high volumes of information, for example, trading floors, transport hubs and control centres.

Sid Stanley, General Manager, Visual Solutions, said: “With our development of 8K Sharp is transforming the way the world can be viewed. We are pushing boundaries with the first 8K professional display that you can buy today, and our 8K camcorder, coming later this year. These products form the basis for our 8K ecosystem which covers the whole value chain, from image creation to distribution and display.”

Sharp’s 8K monitor is supported by a three-year warranty and professional service support across Europe, providing piece of mind to demanding industries where reliable performance is critical.

The LV-70X500E is available now through Sharp and its partners. For more information visit www.sharp.fi/visualsolutions

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